"Effective companies rely on innovative ideas from everyone in the company and create value systems and processes to encourage and reward them. It is the leader’s job to provide the focus; the employee’s job is to provide the specific ideas."

"The key to reigniting the business and sparking nextstage growth is to identify new paths to growth that still deploy existing capabilities while not being restrained by them."

"Clarity enables accountability. People can’t do work they don’t understand, don’t have the resources to implement, or aren’t asked to do."

"It is difficult to say whether impatience is a bigger offender of derailing good strategy than procrastination, but it is clear that they can both take a toll. "

"The single biggest problem I have seen in my decades of business experience is when leaders don’t respond to trials by changing. Rather, they respond to the challenge by working harder— doing more of what they know how to do."

"Every organization has two strategies—the one they claim and the one they implement. One way to evaluate if an organization is on strategy is to look at how they spend their money ."