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This page offers resources for educating yourself on Margaret Reynolds prior to meeting with her. Below, you will find Margaret’s bio, articles featuring Margaret, press releases, and media links. Margaret Reynolds’ expertise has been featured in Mergers & Acquisitions and many other media outlets.


2015-10-14 13_23_25-GreenshotMargaret’s passion for helping companies achieve record-setting growth began in her two decade career at Hallmark Cards where she was known for taking on special projects that required working in “the gray”, successfully creating and launching new products, new marketing techniques and new capabilities. As a result she quickly moved through the product development ranks to General Manager with P & L accountability for a $100+ million business, and later became the lead strategic officer of the company.

Today, Margaret is known as the Master Growth Catalyst at Breakthrough Masters Unlimited. When she founded the company in September 2001 (yes, 9/11) it was named Reynolds Consulting, LLC. At her firm’s tenth year anniversary, her clients helped her rename it. It reflects their results — breakthrough growth — and their confidence in attaining it, becoming masters of their company’s future.

Margaret focuses on mid-market companies ($10million to $1billion) across all industries, helping them find ways to innovatively and profitably grow their businesses. Her unique blend of experiences which includes line management as well as strategic planning ensures that the work she does with companies is creative but practical as she supports leaders to strategically engineer their organization for growth,  resulting in plans that are actionable and profitable. What links clients together is their desire to grow faster than their historical pace and work as a team to determine how to achieve it. She operates two offices, one in Kansas City and the other in Nashville, Tn.


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Contact Margaret Reynolds directly when you need commentary, tips, or perspective on leadership and strategic management issues at or 816-350-7680. Margaret blogs at Breakthrough Masters Unlimited, Thinking Bigger Business and LinkedIn.

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Radio Appearances

Blog Talk Radio – Smart Companies Thinking Bigger with host Kelly Scanlon – “Sparking the Next Stage for Growth”

Business Insanity Talk Radio with Barry Moltz Listen Here

Jim Wier, CompResults – “Keeping Your Margin in Tough Economic Times”

Hot Talk 1510 – Entrepreneurs Machine – “What it Takes to Grow”

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. Why do so many businesses struggle to grow?
  2. Why did you write the book? Aren’t there a lot of books on growth?
  3. What are some of the ideas in the book that lead to transformational growth?
  4. Where does the biggest problem occur in generating value?
  5. How can an organization reignite profit?
  6. What is the most important strategic question that people get wrong?
  7. What is the 3D Breakthrough Solution?
  8. How does a company know if they have a good strategy?

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