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Master Growth Catalyst

Margaret Reynolds career is defined by her relentless pursuit of accelerated growth for organizations regardless of size or industry.  She has mastered new approaches and techniques that give her clients winning results.



Margaret provides support to leaders who are dissatisfied with their organization’s growth rate and overall performance. Past efforts to change it are not returning the desired value. Her approach results in significantly altering the growth trajectory –more than doubling the growth rate in half of the time for many clients. Her favorite success metric? 100% of her clients are willing to refer her. Consulting scenarios vary widely:


  • Reignite a company that is mature and has reached a growth plateau
  • Define a culture of growth
  • Help a fast-growing company scale for growth
  • Determine if acquisition makes sense in order to achieve the growth plan, and if so, what it should look like
  • Prepare a company for maximum value in future transactions
  • Help new leaders craft their legacy
  • Align the leadership of an organization into a high functioning team
  • Better understand the market on behalf of a company to determine the best opportunities for growth



Margaret Reynolds is also a frequent speaker at executive conferences and CEO forums. Sharing her proven approach to growth, she helps leaders successfully reignite company growth and finesse strategic engineering of the organization. Her clients include Vistage, Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain, Bethel University, Association of Corporate Growth, APIC, and numerous mid-market firms.




Margaret’s new book is Reignite: How Everyday Companies Spark Next Stage Growth and is available here. It focuses on helping leaders of regular companies get unstuck and return to high performance. Her practical, down-to-earth approach and examples makes it clear she can help leaders not just understand but apply these important principles. In addition, she has a minibuk series titled Master Breakthrough Growth which features three books:  The Personal Breakthrough: Discovering Growth Opportunities, The Leadership Breakthrough: Developing Growth Strategy, and The Company Breakthrough: Delivering Growth-The Keys to Implementation. They can be found here. Margaret also writes a weekly blog, called Reignite Growth, which you can sign up for here.

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To learn more about Margaret, you can read about her professional background and personal insights and philosophy on business growth. Don’t forget to connect with her on LinkedIn!

“Whether you are new to leadership or a veteran, this book is a valuable reference for some of the challenging situations that limit company growth.”

Tom Rogge, retired President and CEO of Cramer Products, Inc.

Reignite-3-D 2Reignite provides many pragmatic examples and tools that help executives, managers, and leaders see opportunity through a different lens, so they can discover the profitable connection between market needs and their organization’s unique capabilities.

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