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The Only Strategy You Will Ever Need, powerful chapter from best-selling author Joe Calloway’s latest book, Be the Best at What Matters Most.

Joe Calloway’s book focuses on helping leaders think like entrepreneurs and discover how to outperform the competition on those things that create real value for the customer.

henrySpecial Report: 20 Clients in 20 Weeks by Henry DeVries

Clientologist Henry DeVries shares the “Science of Clients” in this in-depth 82-page special report with 20 proven marketing, thought-leadership, and business development strategies to give you more clients, more revenue, and more success.


Mark_Hunter_Web_Portrait_2714 Things Great Salespeople Do eBook AND 9 Attributes of a Great Sales Leader by Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter”

Managing a sales force for maximum results? Learn the 14 things that separate average from great. These 14 skills set top performers apart from their average colleagues!

Sales leaders really do have attributes that set them apart from their average counterparts. Need a checklist against which to hire or to evaluate your team? This infographic is a great place to start.

Quota-busting-cover-page5 Strategies for Building a Quota Busting Sales Team ebook by Jill Konrath, well-known for her effective sales techniques that work in today’s crazy busy world.

Today’s challenge is to get your sales team to consistently overachieve, especially since so much has changed in the past few years – including customer expectations. Salespeople are struggling to catch up. In this free ebook, you’ll discover:

  • 5 kick-butt strategies to take your entire team to a whole new level.
  • How to get your team experimenting with new approaches.
  • #1 skill correlated with leadership success.

findability-5-minute-snapshot-small 101 Free Internet Marketing Tools is offered by Heather Lutze, founder and owner of Findability, a search engine marketing company that demystifies internet marketing for business owners.

The world of internet marketing is constantly changing and plays by new rules. Findability knows customers can’t buy from you if they can’t find you or don’t know about you. In addition to downloading 101 Free Internet Marketing Tools, be sure that your customers can access your company on ALL of their media with this great Findability App—a whole new way of connecting. It is an SEO tool with no “geek-speak” required.

DSA 600 DPIDeveloping Strategic Alliances ebook by Ed Rigsbee, an international consultant and speaker known as the “ROI” guy for helping organizations build alliances that improve their total effectiveness and profitability. 

Business growth comes from collaborations, and they are known by many names; strategic alliances, joint ventures, partnering, collectives, licensing agreements, and strategic sourcing–just to name a few. These various terms have significantly different legal connotations and ramifications. Collaborations, structured and implemented correctly can deliver a substantial return on investment of time, energy, and capital. Collaborations done incorrectly will almost always be costly and deliver disastrous results. Do it right, and receive the benefits.

tough sales referral smallThe Tough Sales System Referral Program by Tom Schaff, co-founder of Big Swift Kick a sales consultancy that specializes in building “gritty” cultures and of SolutionPeople, a creativity and innovation consulting firm. He is also a baseball nut and uses many baseball analogies in his work which fits right in with Margaret’s passion for the game!

The best way to build business is through referrals and Tom Schaff does it best. He uses a combination of candor and science in the tools and techniques he creates and they are winners. His programs feature his empirically based insights on how to get the most and best referrals and he engages participants through “homework” assignments on key concepts.

Tom-Searcy-Inside-P-200x300The Big Deal Oddsmaker by Tom Searcy, Founder and CEO of Hunt Big Sales

Hunting and landing large key accounts is a mindset, a way of life. It takes specific tools and know-how to put a transformational process in place. Vegas has its oddsmakers. These experts evaluate all sorts of data to determine the likely outcome of some event- usually a competitive sporting event. All sorts of information is considered in the calculation- health of the contestants, past win-loss records, positional match ups, even weather.  Then they make their predictions. The good ones have a secret formula that they use that, when combined with their experience and instincts, allows them a higher accuracy than their competitors. They call it their “system”. Here is Tom’s system for increasing the likelihood of closing transformative sales opportunities.

Laura-Stack-Black-01-HeadshotProductivity Minute Weekly Series by Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro

You do things right at your company. With time at a premium, are you sure you are doing the right things? This productivity series is a once a link and password to watch the week’s video that comes with a transcript so you can receive the time-saving tips in the manner you most prefer. One small action a week will add up to big impact over a year.


2011-026 BRVA-109LRUnderstanding the Language of Branding by Brad VanAuken

Understanding the Language of Branding is a valuable chapter from Brad VanAuken’s book Brand Aid. Defining a brand and what it impacts helps business leaders add more value to their business and develop more competitive advantage in the market. Brad is the President of BrandForward, a branding firm that provides insights and support for organizations that range from Fortune 100 to start-ups and non-profits around the world.