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Margaret’s passion for helping companies achieve record-setting growth began in her two decade career at Hallmark Cards where she was known for taking on special projects that required working in “the gray”, successfully creating and launching new products, new marketing techniques and new capabilities. As a result she quickly moved through the product development ranks to General Manager with P & L accountability for a $100+ million business, and later became the lead strategic officer of the company.

Today, Margaret is known as the Master Growth Catalyst at Breakthrough Masters Unlimited. When she founded the company in September 2001 (yes, 9/11) it was named Reynolds Consulting, LLC. At her firm’s tenth year anniversary, her clients helped her rename it. It reflects their results — breakthrough growth — and their confidence in attaining it, becoming masters of their company’s future.

Margaret focuses on mid-market companies ($10million to $1billion) across all industries, helping them find ways to innovatively and profitably grow their businesses. Her unique blend of experiences which includes line management as well as strategic planning ensures that the work she does with companies is creative but practical as she supports leaders to strategically engineer their organization for growth,  resulting in plans that are actionable and profitable. What links clients together is their desire to grow faster than their historical pace and work as a team to determine how to achieve it. She operates two offices, one in Kansas City and the other in Nashville, Tn.

Breakthrough Masters Unlimited resources include a network of associates with a wide variety of expertise. We bring the right skills to each project. This offers maximum flexibility in meeting client needs with just the right people for each project.

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Personal Insights:


Margaret and her husband, Rick, live in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Her two sons, Riley and Drew, live and work in the area as well. Their household consists of two dogs, Micah and Lilly, two cats, Zoe and Boo, and a horse, Sanka.

An outdoor person who spent much of the last 20 years following her sons around from tournament to tournament (Drew played college golf and Riley played college baseball), Margaret has rediscovered her childhood pleasure of horseback riding. She competes in NATRC (North American Trail Ride Conference) regularly and does about 10 rides (50+miles each) a year.  Margaret just returned from a trip to Spain where she and 7 other equestrians rode Andalusians point-to-point over 100 miles along the coast and in the foothills of the Pyrenees.  Here is the blog it inspired her to write about her return. There is always a next trip in the planning stage!

Margaret also spends time investing in others and volunteering her time to help grow and strengthen non-profit organizations. She is on the board of the Association of Corporate Growth—Kansas City Chapter, is Past Chair of Mentors of the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, and a past member of the International Board of the United Methodist Church Foundation. Two areas she supports are breast cancer efforts in many forms and children with special needs. Margaret treasures her time with her daughter Alison, who had many special needs but was an integral part of the family for many years.

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To learn more about Margaret, you can read about her growth philosophy. Don’t forget to connect with her on LinkedIn!


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